Real Estate

Selling or Buying Real Estate. We represent sellers and buyers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. If a real estate transaction involves a realtor, then our services include answering questions of the client, and providing an opinion about any contract or other legal documents that are created during the real estate sales process, such as reviewing contracts with the realtor, reviewing sales contracts, reviewing and explaining closing statements and other documents relating to the closing, reviewing or drafting deeds and related documents. When a sale does not include a realtor, then we guide the clients through the entire process including drafting the sales agreement, seller’s disclosure form, arranging the title work, drafting the deed, sales disclosure form, necessary additional documents, and attending the closing. In almost all cases, when the client proceeds with a for sale by owner, using Refior Law Office, the total fees are significantly less than the percentage commission they would have had to pay to a realtor. With commercial real estate there are a number of matters that are more complex, including dealing with governmental agencies, regulation requirements, getting permits or licenses, obtaining testing for hazardous materials, etc. We guide the client through that entire complex process. Because we offer litigation services, if a dispute arises between the client and the realtor, between a buyer and a seller, or between the client and a governmental agency, we stand ready and confident to represent the client in any such litigation or alternative to litigation.

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