Litigation / Personal Injury

Attorney Paul D. Refior is a trial lawyer with 47 years of experience. Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, we have the know-how, grit, determination, and experience to represent you in your case. This was mentioned in the various areas of practice including disputed cases involving business, commercial transactions, employment, construction, and real estate. Anymore, most of the cases involving vehicle accidents, other personal injuries, or wrongful deaths tend to end up at the offices of the lawyers who go on billboards, radio or television begging for your business. I have never done that and do not want to ever do that. The legal work coming to my office is based upon word-of-mouth, reputation, and now this website. So if you have an injury from a vehicle accident or other personal injury, or wrongful death, please give us a call. We are experienced in litigating those cases, including many jury trials – we simply are not ambulance chasers. It is the same with medical malpractice cases. It is a little bit different with criminal cases. Part of the time when I was a JAG officer in the U.S. Navy, I served as a prosecutor and part of the time I represented defendants. So I tried criminal cases on both sides. I also tried some jury trials for the prosecution in the State of Iowa. Through the decades I have represented hundreds of criminal clients in the wide variety of crimes, including murder, armed robbery, bank robbery, rape, other sex crimes, theft, drugs, and on and on. But these days I only agree to represent a criminal defendant who meets the following four criteria: (1) it is a felony case; (2) the defendant declares that he/she is innocent; (3) after my own review of the case, I personally believe that the defendant is innocent; and (4) the defendant has the means to pay for my legal fees. Frankly, there are not many criminal defendants that meet all four of those criteria, so I only occasionally handle a criminal case these days.

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