Employment Law

There are many complex issues relating to employment, and there are numerous federal and state laws and regulations that apply. There are serious consequences to an employer if the employer violates employment laws. Refior Law Office provides guidance and advice relating to compliance with the various employment laws and regulations, and is available 24/7 (via cell phone) to deal with an important employment law question that arises. Often dealing with the matter in advance, or very quickly, can eliminate, or certainly reduce, the the harm or the potential impact in this area. We are experienced in representing employers and in representing employees. We have clients who are employees who have been mistreated (sexual harassment, age discrimination, compliance with terms of an employment contract, not being paid what is due in salary and benefits, etc.). We also have clients who are employers who receive an EEOC complaint, or an employee’s claim of mistreatment, or a wage dispute, and the like. Not all employment matters are adversarial, of course. Some of our work is basic education of clients and implementing requirements relating to employment. We draft employment contracts on behalf of employers and review proposed employment contracts on behalf of employees.

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