Construction Law

We represent large and small construction companies. Many of the legal matters involved are the same for both large and small companies. Different types of contracts and agreements are involved throughout the construction process. Obviously, things are more complex with commercial construction, than with residential construction, and there is more government compliance to deal with when it is commercial construction. But the principles of contract law apply to all types of construction. We represent general contractors, subcontractors, construction employees and construction independent contractors. We assist contractors with the proper and timely filing of notices and liens. Contractors deal with employment issues, and matters of wages and benefits, just like other businesses. There are also some unique features relating to construction law – dealing with architects for approval of payments, dealing with banks, dealing with government inspectors, to name a few. Refior Law Office stands with our construction clients in all stages of this process. If the client becomes involved with the possibility of litigation, or a lawsuit actually has been filed, we have the strength, competence and experience to represent the client from the beginning to the end of litigation, whether as a plaintiff or as a defendant.

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