Praise – Attributes and Names of God

[July 16, 2022]


  1. Alive, Astounding, Absolute, Avenging, He who sits on the throne, my GOD, Sovereign yet He mysteriously gives us free choices, Rules over all creation, The Ruler over all the kings, presidents, premiers, governors, and all other authorities of the earth, God accomplishes all things that He wants to, The King of kings, The Trinity, The Author and Finisher of Our Faith,
  2. Anointed, Accessible, He who loved us and washed us from our sins with His own blood, the Best, Benevolent, Complete, Sufficient, Enough, Omnipotent, The Lord God Almighty, my Fortress, The Alpha and Omega – The Beginning and the End, The Beginning of the creation by God, Self-Existent, Pre-Existent, Self-Sufficient, Invincible, the habitation of justice, Ascended, The Atonement, Our Atonement,
  3. Definite, Omniscient, He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, God is WATCHING and He truly cares about what He sees, In Total Control of everything and everyone, at all times (over kings and earthly leaders, human events, good angels, and Satan and demons- all are under His control (and God remains in control of even human decisions when God selectively chooses to invade a person’s will
  4. Glorified, Incorruptible, Infallible, Inspiring, Omnipresent, The Prayer-Answerer, The Keeper of all Promises, The Life-Giver, The Righteous Judge, The Judge of Israel, The Judge of all the Earth, Absolute, Our Support, Giver of His Tender Mercies, Kind, He who searches the minds and the hearts, Our Hope, The Hope of Our ancestors, The Expected One, The Foundation,
  5.  Passionate, Reproving, Rich, Sanctified, Father to the fatherless, The Lord of Glory, The Lord of all, The Lord of Our Righteousness, He who walks in the midst of the seven lampstands, The Son of His love, Our Refuge and underneath are His Loving Arms, Just [The Just One], Caring, Compassionate, Hates Sin, Full of Grace and Truth, He who has no partiality
  6. Truthful, Victorious, The Power of the Most High, Holy Servant, The arm of the Lord, The Problem-fixer, He who came to life, The Owner of Time & The Redeemer of Time, The Great Physician, Unity of the Godhead, Invisible, The Desire of All Nations, God Incarnate, Indwelling, Marred-Pierced-Stricken-Rejected, Marvelous,
  7. Before all things, Infinite, Enduring, Loving, Awesome, Near, Unique, One, my Ransom, The Habitation of Justice, He who has the two-edged sword, The Hope of Glory, Incorruptible, None Other Name under heaven by which we must be saved, Obedient Son, Offering for Our Sins, Over All, The Risen Lord,
  8. The only begotten from the Father, Full of Grace and Truth, Just, The Lord of lords, He who testifies of the Revelation, The Lord of Hosts, The King of Israel, my King, The King of the Saints, Governor, my Master, my Owner, my Boss, Immutable, Incomparable, Unsearchable, The Author of life, The Author of the Word of God,
  9. The Unblemished and Spotless Lamb, The Lamb who was slain who is worthy to receive power-and riches-and wisdom- and strength- and honor- and glory-and blessing, Such a High Priest – Holy, Innocent, Undefiled, separated from Sinners and Exalted Above the Heavens, Eternal, Eternal FATHER of Jesus, the Son of God, The Son of Man, The Man Christ Jesus, The Man of Sorrows, The Root and Offspring of David,
  10. Abides in the Father’s Love, Committed No Sin, Zealous for God’s House, Like a Lamb that is Led to Slaughter, Incomprehensible, Transcendent, Approachable, The Living God, He who lives for ever and ever, Solitary, Foreknows Everything, Independent, Comforter, Guide, Convicts of Sin, The Helper, Ever-Present Help, Breath of the Almighty, my Lamp,
  11. The Merciful and Faithful High Priest who makes Intercession for our sins, His Perfect Patience, He loves us to the End, Holy and True, All-Good, Desires to bless and benefit us, Our Hope, The Chief Cornerstone, The Heir of all things, Our Joint-Heir, Imminent, Christ the Power of God, Christ the Wisdom of God, The Potter, Quiets Our Storms, He who has eyes like a flame of fire,
  12. For Our Sake He became poor, He came in the Appearance as a Man, Humble by Becoming Obedient, The Firstborn among Many Brethren, Merciful from Everlasting to Everlasting, Gracious, He who created heaven and the things that are in it – and the earth and the things that are in it- and the sea and the things that are in it, Jesus calls us His friends and His brothers, The Friend of sinners, Vindicator, Our Counselor,
  13. Self-denying, Guileless, The Holy Child, Does the Father’s Will, The Paraclete, The Holy One of God, He to whom all nations will come to worship, the name of Jesus to whom every knee shall bow of those in heaven and of those on earth and of those under the earth – and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father, The Holy One of Israel, God is Love,
  14. Accomplished the Father’s work, Abides in the Father’s Love, Gives of Understanding, Awesome, The Way-The Truth-and The Life, my Conscience-enhancer, Faithful, The Faithful and True, Relents from doing harm and Pardons when there is true repentance …. The One Who IS and Who WAS and Who IS TO COME, Humble, He who searches the minds and hearts,
  15. Always pleases the Father, Sinless, Hates Lawlessness, Anointed with the Oil of Gladness, The Owner of 100% of Vengeance, The Messiah, Jesus Christ, Our Joy-Giver, Generous, Available All the Time and at Any Time, Gives His undivided attention, Does Wondrous Works, The gift of God, He who is like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance, The Same Yesterday-Today-and Forever,
  16. Bore the punishment for our Iniquities, He loves His Own, Altogether Lovely, God can defeat my enemies for me and employ any method He chooses, e.g. He can grant me favor in the eyes and mind of another (saved or unsaved), or confound the enemy, give a spirit of stupor, harden the heart, etc. and God’s timing for that is always perfect, He who by His will all things exist and were created
  17. Benevolent, Conforms Us to His Image, God is Spirit, Holy Spirit, The Eternal Spirit … THE SPIRIT OF: The Lord – God – the FATHER – Christ – the Son – Life – Grace – Prophesy – Adoption – Wisdom – Counsel – Might – Understanding – Knowledge – the fear of God – Truth – Holiness – Revelation – Judgment – Peace – Burning – Glory; The Bright and Morning Star, The Star,
  18. Incarnated, Fulfills Prophesy, Submitted to God the Father, Faultless, Patient, Upright, Longsuffering, The Lamb of God, The Bridegroom of the Church, Holds All Things together … The Holy One of God, Our Security, The Seed of Adam, He seeks us, The Hounder of the Lost, The Sent One, Worthy to open the scroll and open its seals, Righteous
  19. The Builder of our heavenly homes, Slow to Anger, Abounds in Mercy, … Worthy, On Our Side, Preeminent, Our Justifier, The Passover Lamb, The Door, Honest, The Shadow of the Almighty, The Mighty Arm of the Lord, All the Fullness of the Father, Dependable, Friendly, The Quick and Powerful Word of God, Supreme, The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the light and the temple in heaven
  20. The God of Peace, The God who Listens, True, Forgiving, Our Deliverer, Our Peace-giver, Above all things, The Resurrection and the Life, The Messenger, The Nazarene, The Prince of life, The Prince of the kings of the earth, The Blessed and Only Potentate (the omnipotent sovereign), He will come like a thief, He who makes war in righteousness, The Lord omnipotent who reigns
  21. The Mighty One, Trustworthy, The Head of the Church, The Bridegroom of the Church, my Head, my Light, The True Light, The Light of the World, The Light of all nations, The Light of Revelation, The Revelation, The Provider of a way to escape temptation always, my Rescuer, He Restored my soul, He who is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, He who is and who was and is to come
  22. Our Intercessor, Our Great High Priest, He Never Leaves or Forsakes us, Never Fails, How Excellent is His Name, Our Stronghold, , Our Surety, He Rewards those who diligently Seek Him, The Reward, The Unspeakable Gift, Blameless, Cleansing, Complete, Without Deceit, Our Advocate (Our Lawyer), He who has power over plagues, He who overcame and sat at the right hand of the Father
  23. Son of Righteousness, The Everlasting Word made Known, The One who clothes us in Jesus’ Righteousness, The Sacrifice for my sins, the True God, The Same yesterday-Today-and Forever, Christ was Despised and Rejected by men, Discerning, Has Dominion over everyone and everything, Endures, He who is called the Word of God, The Refiner, Victorious Warrior, The Victory,
  24. Our Sanctification , Our Hiding Place, Our Refuge, Our Strength, Our Purpose in life, Our Maker, The High and Lofty One, Our Sanctuary, Strong, Powerful, Big, The Suffering Servant, Our Tower of Strength, Unchanging, Unifier, The Voice of the Lord, God goes before us to make the way, The Leader of the armies in heaven, my Keeper, Pure, The Purifier, The Sustainer and The Upholder of all things,
  25. The Rock of my salvation, , The Rock of Refuge and Strength, Immovable, Great, The Doer of Great Things, The Servant, The True Vine, The Vinedresser, The Branch, The Stone, Wonderful, The King Eternal, The Amen, Enthroned, 100% Right 100% of the time, Meek/Gentle & Lowly, On High Forever, The God and Father of those who overcome, The overcomer, He who strikes the nations
  26. The Great Shepherd, The Chief Shepherd, The Good Shepherd, The Gate for the sheep, Understanding, The Prince of Peace, The Wonderful Counselor, Immortal, The Pierced One, He Satisfies, Our Satisfaction, Our Song, Our Source, Spotless and Unblemished, The Radiance of His Glory, Reconciler, He who has feet like fine brass, The Power of the Highest,
  27. The Redeemer and the Life, Wise and The Giver of Wisdom, Glorious, The FATHER of Light, The Lord of Glory, The Excellent One, The Firstborn of the Dead, The Firstborn over all creation. The Divine Nature, He who lives and was dead and behold He is alive evermore, The Law-giver, He who rules with a rod of iron
  28. Our Sin-Bearer, Our Savior, The Propitiation, The Savior of the world, He Pardons Our sins, Vigilant, Our Protector, Our Shield, The Watcher of Our soul, The Avenger, The Balm of Gilead, Betrothed to the Church, The Answer, Adequate, He who will dwell with believers in heaven and be their God
  29. The Teacher, Our Teacher, The Bread of Life, The Bread from Heaven, Our Leader, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, High and Exalted ,The King of Glory, The King Forever, Our Mediator, The Elect of God, Emmanuel, Steadfast, Zealous, The God of all Comfort, Guardian of my Soul, The Son of His Love, God hears and answers prayers,
  30. The Refining Fire, … Perfect, Beautiful, Bestows True Riches and True Success, The Resurrection and the Life, The FATHER of Mercies, The Consolation of Israel, The Commander of the Lord’s army, He Reigns, Giver of every good gift, Abiding, Able, The Prophet, The Pursuer of men,
  31. The Son of the Blessed, The Son of the Highest, The Son of David, The True and Righteous Witness, The Faithful and True Witness, The Witness to the People, The First and the Last who was dead and came to life, The Captain of the Lord’s army, The Captain of the hosts, The Captain of Salvation ….The Coming …. And SOON-RETURNING !

……………………………. And SOON-RETURNING !

Hebrew Names for God

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh = I AM THAT I AM
El-Shaddai = All-Sufficient God
El-Roi = The God Who Sees
Abba FATHER (“Daddy”) > … Everlasting FATHER
Elohim = God in Majestic Greatness
Yahweh = Jehovah God
Adonai = Lord
El-Olam = The Eternal God of Forever
El-Elyon = God Most High
Attiq Yomin = The Ancient of Days
El-Qana = The Jealous God
Qadosh = The Holy One
El-Hashamayim = The God of Heaven
Jehovah-Osenu = God our Creator
Jehovah-Yireh = God will provide
Jehovah-Ropheka = God who heals
Jehovah-Tsabaoth = God the Warrior
Jehovah-Nissi = God my Banner
Jehovah-Shalom = God is Peace
El-Gibhor = Mighty God
Jehovah-Shammah = God is Here
Jehovah-Tsidkenu = God our Righteousness
Jehovah-M’qaddish = God Who Sanctifies
Jehovah-Tsur = God the Rock
Jehovah-Ro’eh = God the Shepherd
Jehovah-Go’el = God the Redeemer
Jehovah-Yasha = God is Salvation
El-Elyon = God Most High
Esh Okhlah = Consuming Fire
Elohim bin Yachid = God and Only Begotten Son

Remember: God is never your Debtor !