A Fantastic Trade

Exchange This . . .


For This!

  1. An enemy of God
  1. A friend of God

2. Dead in trespasses and sins

2. Alive now and forever

3. A slave to sin

3. Liberated from sin’s bondage

4. Fear of Death

4. Looking forward to heaven

5. An eternal death sentence

5. A guarantee of heaven

6. Spiritually blind

6. Have spiritual eyes to see & understand

7. Destined to be in hell forever

7. Destined to be in heaven forever

8. No certain hope for the future

8. Unfailing blessed hope for the future

9. Depraved heart and mind

9. Mind of Christ and heart to be holy

10. Controlled by the old man

10. Can be controlled the Holy Spirit

11. An object of God’s wrath

11. An object of God’s love


Exchange This . . .


For This!

12. Trying to earn salvation (enough good works, follow some rules . . . etc.)

12. Having received God’s free gift of salvation

13. Shut out of God’s kingdom

13. Will be ruling with Christ in God’s kingdom

14. Not allowed into heaven

14. Not only allowed, but Christ has built a heavenly mansion as everlasting abode

15. A guilty conscience – unforgiven

15. Forgiven – a cleansed conscience

16. Deceived by the enemy

16. Spiritual discernment

17. Defiled

17. Cleansed

18. Fearful

18. Fear not; fret not

19. No real peace

19. Abiding, real peace that passes understanding; having Christ’s peace

20. God – less

20. A true child of God

21. Insecurity

21. Perfect security and eternally secure

22. Not justified

22. Justified

23. Walking in darkness

23. Walking in the light

24. False religion or no religion

24. The only true religion


Exchange This . . .


For This!

25. Vain pursuit of worldly riches

25. Laying up treasures in heaven

26. Trusting in your possessions

26. Trusting in God the Provider

27. Limited to your own pathetic intellect, abilities and strength

27. Blessed with God’s help and His infinite knowledge, wisdom, power, strength and control – God CAN !

28. Striving to please others

28. Striving to please God

29. Striving for what the world calls success

29. Ambition is to please God and achieve genuine usefulness and fruitfulness, and a life that really counts

30. Relationships hampered by selfishness and by human ideas and philosophies

30. Beautiful, wholesome, mutually fulfilling relationships which are built upon God’s Truth and God’s ways

31. Weak

31. Unlimited strength

32. Pressed into the mold of the world

32. Conformed to the image of Jesus Christ

33. Succumb to temptation

33. Ability by God’s grace and provision to escape temptation

34. Man’s so-called truth

34. God’s absolute truth

35. Man’s short-sighted directives for life

35. God’s perfect directives and guidance

36. Man’s shifting sands standards of good vs. bad …. right vs. wrong and moral vs. immoral

36. God’s unchanging solid-rock standards and principles of good vs. bad, right vs. wrong and moral vs. immoral

37. Fluctuating happiness and despair depending on the current circumstances

37. Abiding and overflowing joy, based upon God Himself, and a personal relationship with Him


Exchange This . . .


For This!

38. Selfish

38. Selfless

39. If it feels good – do it

39. If it honors God – do it

40. No capacity or ability to understand the Bible

40. Spiritual understanding of the Bible, and the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the meaning of Bible passages; edified by God

41. No understanding of why one exists or

what is the purpose of life

41. Exists to bring glory to God and to serve Him

42. Worry…Fret…anxious

42. Freedom from worry

43. Lonely

43. Never alone – God Himself will never leave us or forsake us. Also – the blessing of the fellowship with family of believers

44. Worship of self, others or things

44. Worship of the true and living God

45. Live for self

45. Live for God

46. No benefits, help or blessings of God

46. The Holy Spirit is always present, and He:

a. comforts

b. guides

c. convicts of sin

d. gives discernment of spiritual danger

e. alerts to good vs. bad

f. helps

g. teaches God’s truths

47. No privilege of prayer

47. The right and invitation to come boldly into the presence of God, and to make our prayer requests directly to our Heavenly Father


Exchange This . . .


For This!

48. No spiritual armor or weapons

48 God’s provision of all spiritual armor and weapons

49. No ability to resist the Devil

49. Can resist the Devil, with God’s promise that the Devil must depart

50. Not invited by God to participate on His team or to be involved in His work

50. An ambassador of God Himself – you representing the God of the Universe

51. Temporary, puny goals

51. God-sized goals with faith that with God all things are possible

52. Cynical, skeptical

52. Full of hope, optimism and confidence

53. Complaining of things that do not go your way or which hurt or are unpleasant

53. Knowledge that God’s ways are higher that our ways and perfect, and that God has a purpose, and that God will cause all things (even bad things) to work together for good for Christians

54. You are your own weak king

54. Christ is your King

55. No confidence that your life will be unshaken

55. Confidence in God as a solid foundation, a Rock, a fortress, and a hiding place

56. Uncertainty about human roles and relationships

56. God’s perfect roles, relationships and responsibilities

57. Sheep without a shepherd

57. Jesus Christ is your perfect leader, whose way is perfect and who is the great and good Shepherd

58. Conclusion that you are an animal who evolved by the quirks of survival of the fittest – no basic significance

58. Totally significant, created purposefully by God Himself – fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God


Exchange This . . .


For This!

59. Stuck in the rut and mire of past failures or past expectations or past evaluations by others

59. Free! With repentance you get to start over, to be forgiven and then forget the rubbish of the past, and to be released to serve God and to become the man God wants you to be

60. Controlled and owned by your possessions

60. With your grip released, you know that God owns 100% and you are to be a faithful steward of possessions, and a giver

61. Marriage that is built on brotherly love, or love of passion, which will shift with the

tides of emotion, circumstances or how well the partner pleases you; selfish

61. Marriage built on agape love, joined as one by God, marriage is priority, 13 committed, seeking to bless your mate, joyful bliss, within God’s revealed roles

62. Parenting based upon reactions to circumstances, the latest fad expert and ultimately selfish

62. Parenting based upon God’s revealed roles, with proper authority and respect and agape love; giving the time and attention to guide and instruct your children in the ways of God; your children are priority

63. No absolute truth in all of your life

63. You can base your life on God’s axiomatic truth as revealed in the Bible

64. Situational ethics – the principle is dictated by what is expedient

64. Rock – solid, unchanging ethics and integrity, regardless of who may not agree

65. Evil desires

65. Spiritual and pure desires

66. Regular discouragement

66. Daily encouragement

67. An imperfect human father (including yours) and some had/have weak, or unloving, or distant, or with flawed character, or deceased fathers

67. You have a perfect Father – totally caring, totally loving, totally involved, always present always instructing, leading, helping and guiding, giving His undivided attention


Exchange This . . .


For This!

68. Christ is not your friend . . . and not your brother

68. Christ is your friend, Christ is your brother (as well as being God, and your Savior)

69. You are totally left out of God’s inheritance

69. You are a joint heir with Jesus Christ

70. When the Rapture occurs, you will be left behind

70. When the Rapture comes (at anytime now!) you will be caught up with Christ and snatched away to be with Him forever and ever

71. Jesus is not your Advocate and not your Intercessor

71. Right now, and every day, Jesus Christ intercedes for you and serves as your perfect and constant Advocate

72. Limited, puny and error-filled human knowledge

72. God’s Bible is your perfect book of absolute truth and the only source of genuine spiritual knowledge

73. Limited human power

73. The power and dynamo of a godly life

74. Self- indulgent, self-willed

74. A heart to follow Jesus, and to minister to others

75. Greedy

75. Released from the sin of greed. Liberated to be generous from the heart

76. Reject the Bible and God’s truths

76. Gladly believe and obey God’s Word

77. No desire to read the Bible

77. A passion to be taught deeper and richer truths from God’s Word; and the joy that God Himself turns on spiritual lights to see and understand God’s spiritual truths

78. No concern about God’s ways or God’s commands

78. Loving Jesus by keeping His commands with a heart and intent to obey God


Exchange This . . .


For This!

79. Outside of God’s protection

79. Protected by the God of the universe

80. No rewards from God – only the common graces

80. God’s special rewards, special grace, special benefits

81. No thought of talking to others about how to be saved

81. Desire and boldness to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ 17

82. Same flawed character as always

82. Transformed character- off with the old and on with the new

83. Not a citizen of heaven; a foreigner

83. A citizen of heaven

84. Without the benefit of God’s counsel

84. Benefits and protection of God’s perfect counsel and the counsel from godly Christians

85. Wavering confidence to do life

85. Full confidence to do life, depending on God , accepting His help

86. Birds of a feather flock together

86. Drawn to be with others Christians- those who are true believers, who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ

87. Not a partaker of God’s promises

87. A partaker of God’s precious and magnificent promises

88. God is not on your side; in fact, God is against you

88. God is on your side

89. Not favored by God

89. Favored by God

90. Separated from Christ and forsaken

90. Jesus Christ will never leave you nor forsake you


Exchange This . . .


For This!

91. Having a cold and selfish heart

91. Having a thankful and grateful heart

92. God’s judgment to hell rests upon you

92. God’s mercy and grace rest upon you, and you will not suffer God’s eternal judgment to hell

93. Ultimately not able to overcome

93. An overcomer

94. Far from God

94. Near to God always – and the blessing of sensing God’s abiding presence

95. On a treadmill waiting death, judgment and eternal hell

95. Your salvation and eternal life are sealed, guaranteed, and kept by the Lord Himself

96. No crowns

96. Crowns in heaven

97. Sins are not pardoned

97. All sins are completely and forever pardoned

98. Your sins and their effects remain with you; and you are stained and controlled by them

98. God removes your sins from you as far as the East is from the West, and you are washed as white as snow

99. Your life is only as good as circumstances and fate seem to allow

99. You have an abundant life now – feasting at the Lord’s banquet table

100. When you die, you take nothing with you

100. When you die you take with you the Word of God and all of the eternal fruit

during your Christian life, including the

souls of those you witnessed to and were

a part of God’s process to bring them to

a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

101. No capacity to forgive or love your enemies.

101. With God’s grace, the ability to love your enemies.


Exchange This . . .


For This!

102. The only treasures you can lay up are material junk here on earth.

102. The desire and ability to lay up treasure

in heaven that will never rust or decay.

103. Having no valid leader to follow.

103. Jesus Christ is your perfect Leader.

104. No ultimate rest and life is a heavy

burden and hard yoke.

104. Jesus’ gives true rest, His burden is light and His yoke is easy.

105. No clue about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

105. It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

106. Blind leading the blind.

106. Spiritually sighted, with eyes to see. 22

107. Hypocrite to the core.

107. Capacity to be genuine with no guile.

108. A conscience that will not be clean

108. The freedom of a cleansed conscience.

109. Mistaken because you do not know the Scriptures of the power of God.

109. Avoid mistakes because you o know the Scriptures and the power of God.

110. Not know the meaning of life.

110. Know the meaning of life.

111. Not know where we came from.

111. Know that God created mankind.

112. Incompetent to be a fisher of men.

112. Following Jesus we can be fishers of men.

113. Denies the existence of miracles.

113. Dynamic life with a God of miracles whose every act is a miracle and Who can do anything unnatural anytime He wants to.


Exchange This . . .


For This!

114. No absolute standard to use to test the validity of what anyone says or writes.

114. The absolute standard of truth (the Bible) by which any theory, any rule, any system, any writing and any statement can be tested to know whether it is valid and true.

115. The Holy Spirit is NOT resident in you.

115. The Holy Spirit IS resident in you.

116. Condemned by God.

116. No condemnation to those who are in Christ.

117. The spirit of bondage.

117. The Spirit of adoption.

118. No intercession for you by God making.

118. Both the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ Intercession for you.

119. Ultimately vanquished.

119. More than conquerors – on the winning side.

120. Zero spiritual gifts.

120. One or more spiritual gifts

121. Does no know that God is watching you will be judged and give an account.

121. I forewarned that God is watching ant that you will one day give a full account. 25

122. Will stand before the Great White Throne of the Holy God in the Person of Christ before being cast into the eternal Lake of Fire.

122. Will stand before the Bema Seat of Christ

– accounting and rewards.

123. Sin and the flesh enslave us.

123. The love of Christ (for us) compels us.

124. All things remain the old things.

124. Old things passed away – all things have become new (you are a new creation).

125. Have a guilty conscience.

125. Have a cleansed conscience.

126. Cannot control your thoughts captive.

126. With God’s help, the ability to take every thought to the obedience of Christ.


Exchange This . . .


For This!

127. When you suffer you get mad and you curse your bad luck

127. When you suffer, you rely upon God, your joy remains intact, you know that God has perfect purposes even though you may not see the “why” it is enough that God knows why, and God is always right and God is always good, and God is always on time.

128. When you experience pain you can not receive any comfort other than the reduction of elimination of the pain, and if that will not happen, you cannot be comforted.

128. The God of all comfort comforts us in all our tribulation . . . and God uses our such pain and God’s comfort to us as a high level training course so that we will be equipped and competent to comfort others who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

129. You do and commit the works of flesh.

129. Your godly life is characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.

130. You receive from God no spiritual blessings.

130. God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.

131. No right to pray to God.

131. Invited to boldly enter the presence of God at His throne of Grace. 27

132. The pathetic knowledge and principles of the world regarding marriage, parenting, employment, those in authority and all other relationships.

132. God’s perfect instruction and principles of marriage, parenting, employment, those in authority and all other relationships.

133. Your name is NOT written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

133. Your name is written eternally in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

134. You have the spirit of fear.

134. God has given you the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.

135. Not useful to God. No fruit for God.

135. Useful and fruitful for god – a chosen vessel of honor.

136. No true high priest.

136. Jesus is your Great High Priest.

137. No care or learning from the historical record and characters of the Bible.

137. The benefit of learning from the historical record and characters of the Bible.

138. You carry your burdens and cares.

138. You can cast your cares upon God who cares for you.

139. No security.

139. You are eternally secure and you have the sweet assurance that you have eternal life.

140. Natural family but no spiritual family.

140. In addition to whatever natural family you have a vast spiritual family comprised of all believers everywhere and more specifically your local church, which provides love, comfort, guidance, fellowship, forgiveness, exhortation, and help.

141. Ultimately, all life is vanity

141. Life is significant, meaningful and


142. Walk in darkness

142. Walk in the Light

143. No God leading you

143. Holding your Heavenly Father’s hand

144. No provision promised by God

144. God’s total and perfect provision of all you need

145. Misery in suffering

145. Count it all joy when you suffer for Christ, and are persecuted because of Christ, – taking the occasion to give testimony for your lovely Savior

146. No thought of sacrifice

146. Willing to die for the cause of Christ