Christian Services and Helps

One of the reasons I have enjoyed my law practice so much is that I have the ability and freedom to help people with their personal and spiritual needs as well as their legal needs. I see my law practice as the hub of my various ministries for the Lord. See more detail by viewing my profile below in the section entitled “About Us.”

One of these ministries is Christian Counseling. I believe that I should work to try to save marriages rather than be involved in the termination of marriages through divorce or dissolution. So while I would be unwilling to represent someone in a divorce case, I would be willing to meet with them, and with their spouse, in efforts to save the marriage. I do not hold any certification from any biblical counseling organization. My only credentials are that I have been a very serious student of the Bible for more than 45 years, I have counseled thousands of people concerning important legal, personal, and/or spiritual matters, and my dear wife and I have enjoyed more than 52 years of a happy and God-honoring marriage. I do charge for my time spent on legal services, but I do not charge anything for my time spent providing biblical counseling to an individual or to a couple.

Christian Helps created by Paul D. Refior (“Rafe”). Through the years I have written and created a number of pieces that are helpful to me in my Christian walk. I have received enough positive feedback from others who have viewed and used these tools, that I consider it worthwhile that I include them here on my web site for anyone who wants to use and benefit from. Click on the links below to open any of the following:

1. Put On – Put Off, The Principle of Active Replacement
2. A Fantastic Trade
3. Attributes and Names of God
4. Accountability Questions
5. How to become a True Christian

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